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General Information

Easisave will not use email under any circumstance to request confidential information, such as personal information, passwords related to your accounts or other information of a confidential nature.  Furthermore you will never be asked to provide passwords over the phone by any representative of Easisave.

Should you receive an email that appears to be fraudulent, please forward the email to and delete the email without replying to it. Easisave will never transmit confidential information related to you by email.

Please beware of websites that are of a fraudulent nature and which have no relation to Easisave or FIMBank p.l.c.

The only way to ensure that you are visiting the legitimate Easisave website is by checking that the link shown in the address bar of your browser starts with or - note the trailing / after com. Please contact the Easisave Helpdesk via the Contact Us form should you encounter other fraudulent websites purporting to be affiliated to Easisave.

Additional Information for Customers

This website is protected using the latest Extended Validation (EV) SSL technology, which provides a way of certifying that the website genuinely belongs to Easisave [FIMBank p.l.c.]. EV SSL ensures that the address bar on the latest web browsers* will become green when you visit the FIMBank Secure Email site.
EV SSL ensures that the address bar on the latest web browsers* will become green when you visit the FIMBank Secure Email site.

security notice

For your safety:

  • You should never divulge your Easisave User ID or password to anyone
  • You should never divulge other personal information by email or online
  • You should only access the Easisave website from trusted computers where Internet access is secured using the latest web browsers*
  • You should only enter your username and password after you have verified that the site is genuine using the green address bar and that the certificate owner displayed near the address bar is FIMBANK P.L.C. [MT]
  • You should never click on links contained with emails that purport to lead to the Easisave website. Always type directly in your browser address bar to access Easisave, and do not click on email links.
    Fraudulent websites sites are recognisable as they do not display a green address bar, their certificate owner will not be FIMBANK P.L.C. [MT] and the domain will not belong to Easisave [FIMBank p.l.c.]

* The latest browsers supporting EV SSL are:
Internet Explorer 7 and later; Mozilla Firefox 2.0 with EV extensions; Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later

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