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To open a Fixed Term Deposit, you must have a fully operational Savings Account.

How to open a Savings Account?

Opening a Savings Account can be done entirely online. 

To open an account, you will require the following documents:

  Account opening form
  Copy of identification document
  Proof of residential address

The Helpdesk support team will contact you if any additional documents are required.

To activate your Savings Account, you will need to affect a one-time deposit of EUR/USD 50.
Your Easisave Savings Account must be linked to a third-party bank.

How to open a Fixed Term Deposit?

Opening a Fixed Term Deposit can be done entirely online. You must have an operative Savings Account before activating a Term Deposit. 

Fixed Term Deposits can be activated at a minimum deposit of EUR/USD 1,000 at competitive interest rates.
To open a Fixed Term Deposit, you will need to submit the online account opening form.