Easisave is a savings account developed by FIMBank p.l.c. in Malta.

It is a web-based product and is offered and accessible solely over the internet. Easisave also offers its clients the possibility to place their savings in fixed term deposits with competitive rates which are also operated online. All Euro Savings accounts and Euro Fixed Term Deposits are eligible for cover by the Depositor Compensation Scheme. You can read more about the scheme at www.compensationschemes.org.mt

The interest rate applicable on the Easisave EUR/USD online savings account is variable. Changes to the interest rates offered will be applied at the discretion of FIMBank p.l.c. and in line with the product’s terms and conditions.

With regards to the Easisave Savings Account, there are no restrictions on the value of withdrawals, and any payment from this account will be effected via SEPA credit transfer for the Euro currency and via SWIFT for the US Dollar currency (see FAQ). Each Easisave Savings Account will be linked to a reference bank account that you hold with another credit institution. You will stipulate the IBAN of the reference bank in the Easisave online application form. This account must be a bank account held individually or jointly with a credit institution within the European Economic Area (EEA) or any account held with the FIMBank and Burgan Bank group. All funds deposited in the Easisave Savings Account will be remitted from this reference bank account. All withdrawals from the Easisave Savings Account will be returned to the same reference bank account. No payments to third parties are allowed from

With regards to the Easisave Fixed Term Deposit, you will select any amount over €1,000 or $1,000 to be deposited. You will also select the term which you want to deposit your money for as well as whether you want to receive interest quarterly, annually or on maturity as applicable. During the term you have selected to fix your deposit for, you will not be able to withdraw your funds or add on more money to your original term deposit. The money deposited will be taken from the indicated Easisave Savings Account which you will choose when opening the fixed term deposit. On maturity, the principal amount deposited will be transferred back to the Easisave Savings Account you had selected when opening your Easisave Fixed Term Deposit.

For both your Savings and your Fixed Term Deposits, Easisave will pay you beneficial rates. Choose Easisave for your online saving needs!