Everything About Easisave Savings Account

Why Easisave?

Why Easisave?

Easisave is a secure online savings account with easy access and a variable high interest rate offered to individual and joint account holders.


Why choose Easisave?

Easy to use
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  • open your account in minutes
  • manage your accounts online
  • easy transfer of money to and from your reference account
Access to funds whenever wherever
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  • 24/7 access to your money without notice
  • supported by a dedicated Helpdesk ready to assist you all the way
  • no fees or bank charges
Safe, simple and secure service
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  • safe and secure platform
  • simple and straightforward interface for account management
  • your savings are with FIMBank, which participates under the Malta Depositor Compensation Scheme. All Euro and USD deposits fall under this scheme
Interest by internet
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  • superior interest payable on your online savings
  • start savings from €50/$50, with unlimited deposits and daily withdrawals
  • interest payable on a yearly basis
Open account with no need to visit the Bank

Easy Features

Easisave offers you a simple and straightforward solution for your individual and joint savings, with 24/7 access to your money without notice or penalty.


Details of an Easisave Savings account:


 € (EUR)/$ (USD)


Individual Savings or Joint Savings

Interest rate


Applicable interest rates

EUR - 0.40% p.a. gross / USD - 1.00% p.a. gross

Interest payable

Annually on the last business day of each calendar year

Minimum opening deposit


Maximum amount

Not applicable


On demand (limitation of one withdrawal per day)

Minimum withdrawal


Maximum withdrawal

No restrictions

Account Maintenance fee

Free of charge

Incoming transfer of funds

Free of charge2

Outgoing transfer of funds

Free of charge2


Statements are issued yearly and are free of charge

1 Variable interest means that the interest rate may change at our discretion.
FIMBank p.l.c. charges no fees on Easisave Savings Accounts, however, the reference bank may impose its own fee structure on any transfer of funds from or to the account.

Save with us

Save To The Max

Easisave offers a superior and competitive rate for your savings!

Why leave your money idle and earning little or no interest when you can benefit from a high rate of interest? Tired of earning a meagre amount of interest on your traditional savings account? Are you saving for a new car, a dream holiday or a future home?

With an Easisave Savings Account you can!

You can start benefiting from a great rate by depositing an initial amount of only €50/$50. There is no maximum amount for deposits, and the minimum amount for withdrawals and deposits (excluding the opening deposit) is €1/$1.

Open your Easisave Savings Account now!

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Simple and User Friendly

How It Works


Complete Online Application


Click on 'Open Now' and follow the Online Application.

Before you start, ensure that you have the details of your Identification Document/s close by.

You will also require the IBAN (account number) of the Reference Account to which Easisave will be linked.


Account Opening Documentation


Once the Online Application is completed, your account will be opened.

You will be notified of the Easisave Savings IBAN (account number).

If you are a new customer, you will be issued with your Customer Number and User ID.

You will also be given the account opening documentation, which you can either print or alternatively request to have a copy mailed to you. This document contains the Account Opening Form which you will need in Step 3.


Mail Documentation to Easisave


Next, as instructed in the Instructions Letter, you need to mail us:

(a) a completed original signed copy of the Account Opening Form marked “(Easisave Copy)”,

(b) evidence of identity, and

(c) original evidence of your residential address.

Note: If you are opening a joint Easisave Savings Account, both parties are required to separately sign and return their own respective copy of the Account Opening Form, together with their respective documentary evidence of identity and residence. 


Make Opening Deposit


Simply effect your Opening Deposit (minimum €50/$50) by using your reference bank’s banking facilities.

During this process you will require your Easisave Savings IBAN as well as FIMBank's SWIFT BIC Code: FIMBMTM3. 


Access to Easisave.com


Upon receipt of your Opening Deposit and the required documentation, your Easisave Savings Account will be activated and you will be notified via email.

Upon activation of your first Easisave Savings Account, you will be issued with your first time access code. Use this, together with your User ID to gain access to your Online Account.

Congratulations! Your Easisave Savings account is now fully operational and you will start benefitting from superior interest on your savings.

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