How it works

Complete the Online Application

Click on 'Open Now' and follow the Online Application.

Before you start, ensure that you have the details of your Identification Document/s close by.

You will also require the IBAN (account number) of the Reference Account to which Easisave will be linked.

Account Opening Documentation

Once the Online Application is completed, your account will be opened.

You will be notified of the Easisave Savings IBAN (account number).

If you are a new customer, you will be issued with your Customer Number and User ID.

You will also be given the account opening documentation, which you can either print or alternatively request to have a copy mailed to you. This document contains the Account Opening Form which you will need in Step 3.

Mail Documentation to Easisave

To activate your Easisave account you are required to send us the following documents via postal mail (on our registered address) or via email on

a. a completed original signed copy of the Account Opening Form marked “(Easisave Copy)”
b. evidence of identity
c. original evidence of your residential address

If you are opening a joint Easisave Savings Account, both parties are required to separately sign and send their own respective copy of the Account Opening Form, together with their respective documentary evidence of identity and residence.

Make Opening Deposit

Simply effect your Opening Deposit (minimum €50/$50) by using your reference bank’s banking facilities.

During this process you will require your Easisave Savings IBAN as well as FIMBank's SWIFT BIC Code: FIMBMTM3.

Access to

Upon receipt of your Opening Deposit and the required documentation, your Easisave Savings Account will be activated and you will be notified via email.

Upon activation of your first Easisave Savings Account, you will be issued with your first time access code. Use this, together with your User ID to gain access to your Online Account.